Premium Outlet Collection Edmonton International Airport is committed to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


PREMIUM OUTLET COLLECTION EIA has a number of design features throughout the property to raise awareness of our green initiatives:

  •  The white roofing material will reduce the heat island effect. The centre is designated as a ‘No Smoking’ Facility.
  • Water-efficient fixtures were installed throughout the centre, it will be connected to Public Transit with the 747 bus.
  • Low-emission CO2 materials were selected for the flooring, paint and composite wood products used


The PREMIUM OUTLET COLLECTION EDMONTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT has been built to a LEED New Construction status (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and has taken initiatives to raise awareness.
Our LEED building uses less energy, emits fewer greenhouse gases, preserves natural resources, reduces waste and increases the well-being of employees and visitors.